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Choke On Candy was a side project of David Lashmar (aka Zeptae) that started in 1996. The project explored a few different styles of music from goth to techno to hip hop. Choke On Candy produced several recordings over its four year run until its ultimate demise in 2000.

The first self-titled CD "Choke On Candy" was recorded at Blue Tilt Studios in Canada. David's band mates from Syringe (Roger Vallve on bass and Chris de Baseggio on drums) were conscripted to play on the recording. David also added Christine Eams on backing vocals for the song, “Ultrafidian”. This recording was dark, brooding, and moody – quite the opposite of what David was doing with his other band (Syringe). At the time, no one had quite the same musical flavor, and being out there all alone in the musical world, people in the industry had a lot of trouble putting the recording in a particular classification. However, “Choke On Candy” was received very well by the “goth” community and has stood the test of time being considered a classic “dark” recording. Choke On Candy’s first recording is still a favorite in many collections today!
1998 saw the release of “Choke 2”. This follow up recording to “Choke On Candy” made a sharp turn to the left and saw Choke On Candy move from a “goth” sound to a techno sound. Most of the recording is instrumental with the exception of a few vocal tracks featuring Katherine Racho. This was David’s first attempt at electronica and the recording met with mixed success. Out of all the recordings from Choke On Candy, “Choke 2” is probably considered the least successful. Not to be deterred by one bad album, David honed his skills and let loose with a very successful electronica EP one year later.
1999 unleashed Choke On Candy’s EP, “Disco Sex” on the world. The first song on the recording, “Disco Sex” met with great success in Europe. This fun and playful techno EP was, and still is, a great way to get a crowd moving at any club.
Later in 1999 David recorded a couple of songs for The Forgotten Rebels Tribute CD. “I Think of Her” and the Rebel’s classic, “You’re a Rebel Too” were recorded at Tree House Studios in Canada. These recordings are extremely rare and if you can get your hands on a copy, consider yourself very lucky indeed!

In 2000, Choke On Candy created an electronica style, instrumental single called “Stalker”. The song was quite a bit slower in tempo than David’s previous work. As a matter of fact, it was the perfect tempo and groove for a hip hop song. There was only one problem; David couldn’t rap. While chatting with some other musicians in the local music scene, David mentioned his problem with the song. Someone eventually suggested he talk to Devious01 (a local rapper). The two met and decided to try and do something with it. Devious01 introduced David to a few other rappers; Nikki T, Styles Jenkins, Clevah, Raz, and Strike. A few rewrites and recording sessions later, the song “Stalker” was born featuring the hip hop stylings of Nikki T, Strike, and Devious01. David also asked long-time friend, Roger Vallve, to lay down a bass line for the track. This single met with great success in the hip hop world; however, it would be the last recording for Choke On Candy as David now began to focus on his work as a music producer.

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