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Syringe: Music Player

Syringe formed in 1996 under the band name "Acrylic". Founding members and best friends David Lashmar (aka Zeptae) (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards) and Roger Vallve (Bass) wrote a series of ten songs then added Chris de Baseggio (drums) to the line up. After a few shows, the band ran into another group using the name "Acrylic". The guys decided to change the name of the band, thus Syringe was born!

In 1997 Syringe recorded the 11 track CD "Green Baby" at Blue Tilt Studios in Hamilton, Canada. The CD featured twisted and disturbing cover art by the international visual artists Katherine Racho and Janet Bailey. Extra musicians on the recording included: Jamie Shea (Guitars), TJ Manners (Backing Vocals), and Terry Duggan (Saxophone).

Later in 1997 Chris de Baseggio was replaced on drums by Joe Scaduto. Joe just happened to be friends with film director Frank Doria. Frank directed and shot the first Syringe video for the song "Free" later that year. The band continued to tour for the next year.

In 1999 Syringe recorded three songs for The Forgotten Rebels tribute CD. The Forgotten Rebel's songs to emerge from the recording session included: "Fuck Me Dead", "Elvis Is Dead", and "Surfin' On Heroin". These songs are extremely rare and hard to find. If you've managed to get a hold of a copy of the songs from this session consider yourself very lucky indeed!

The year 2000 saw the release of the Syringe E.P. "Superstar Explosion" featuring the singles: "Superstar Explosion", "Red Melody", and "New Oasis". This E.P. was recorded and mixed at Grant Avenue Studios in Canada. Nara Farrell added her backing vocals to the tracks.

Around the same time "Superstar Explosion" E.P. was recorded, Syringe was invited to submit a song for the Daniel Lanois cover CD. The boys recorded a really heavy and fast version of Daniel Lanois' "Whole Lotta Love to Give". Unfortunately, the song did not make the final cut for the tribute CD but you may be able to find it if you search in the deep, dark corners or the Web.

Syringe continued playing small clubs, festivals and making many "unplugged" live radio appearances for the next two years. Late in 2002 the members of Syringe decided that the band had run its course and they chose to end Syringe. David, Roger, and Joe are all still good friends and are currently involved in other music projects.

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