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Vampire Sex Chain exploded onto the "alternative" music scene with their unique brand of pop-goth in the 1980's. Although short lived, Vampire Sex Chain is considered to be historically important as the precursor to a whole generation of pop-goth type acts such as Smashing Pumpkins and Good Charlotte. The "Vamps" were:

  • David Lashmar also known as "Zeptae"  (Vocals/Guitar) - later to be involved in Syringe, Choke On Candy, Nikki T, Devious01, and Zeptae

  • Calvin Hager (Guitar) - later to be involved in headphone overtone, Blue, Hollowphonic, and Make Joy Cry

  • Daniel Wintermans (Bass) - later to be involved in Blue, headphone overtone and Make Joy Cry

  • Cindy LeMaitre (Drums) - later to be involved in Blue

V.S.C. only managed to put out one self-titled album which was recorded in Hamilton, Canada at Crystal Turtle Studios. Vampire Sex Chain met with almost immediate success receiving wide radio airplay. The recording ended up at the top of almost every college and university station across North America. The popularity of this album spread fast and it wasn't long until teens in Australia, South America, and Japan were gobbling up Vampire Sex Chain recordings too!

Unfortunately, before V.S.C. could ink a recording deal with one of the interested major labels, the band members ran into an impasse on the future direction of the band and they split up in 1990.

David Lashmar remastered the Vampire Sex Chain album in 2005.

Although Vampire Sex Chain is no more, their pioneering musical style can be felt in many of today's top "alternative" acts.

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